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"Would you consider making some Audrey Parker and some Lexie Dewitt icons? I absolutely love your editing, the tints and the brightness/warmth. I would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you! :) <3"

My laptop won’t turn on at the moment and I don’t have the money to fix it..I just hope I get it working by the fall..when you see me posting edits again send me another request.

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Why I’ve been mia and asking for help 

Hi guys some of you may be wondering where I’ve been the last few months. My best friend passed away recently and I am of course struggling with my loss. Her father asked for my help with setting up a website that will be a combination memorial, fund raising, awareness site for her. She was a great artist and her parents have about 15 canvases of her work we were hoping to sell/auction them from the site..the proceeds would go to her new born babies college fund and or donated to to a charity to raise awareness of postpartum depression. We are still working out the details of it all. He asked me to find sites that would be suitable for this but I am clueless and figured out asking the 4k of my followers would be my best bet. Thank you..my friend was beautiful inside and out..she was the one that told me to watch haven too. Please help me honor her memory xo laura

Just incase I wake up and think this all was a dream, thanks Justine and Kim-and #haven&#8217;s unreal cast xo

Just incase I wake up and think this all was a dream, thanks Justine and Kim-and #haven’s unreal cast xo

@enews #HottieOfTheWeek @TheLucasBryant, I hope he’s celebrating by going into his closest Dunkin’ Donuts demanding free coffee… L: Um, I don’t know if you were aware of this or not, but I’m kind of a big deal.

@enews for your consideration @thelucasbryant for #HottieOfTheWeek #hisfacethough

Nathan has @syfy renewed #haven yet?