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So you’re familiar with two sins. How about a third?

So you’re familiar with two sins. How about a third?

thoughts on annie being with jeff or abed 

I’ve never hidden the fact that I support both Annie/Abed and Annie/Jeff, but guys I have hit a crossroads.  I just don’t see her romantic with Abed, like ever.  They have a great friendship, but when Abed is himself he is kind of asexual.  I was kind of hoping the rumored kiss would happen so I could feel differently..but it didn’t, and I don’t.  Kind of bummed about it tbh.

That being said I loved this episode of community.  The doctor who madness, Troy’s truth serum outburst-i don’t get inception either bb.  I still want Britta/Troy more than ever.  If i could marry Jim Rash this very moment I would.  I do like that when she tries Annie has the patience to enter Abed’s world and change things for the better and vice versa.  I still want Annie/Jeff, but I will settle for Community season 4.  I love this show and want another year with this study group.  Bring on the ANON hate messages.

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