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#Haven5 reaction..Like Dr Phil on steroids 


Haven Spoilers for 5x2 Speak No Evil//promo pics for next week’s episode

12 YEARS Dungeon! 

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Guys #HAVEN5 starts in 4 mins TWEET your butts off 

Will have a reaction post with adventure time, which i just discovered and LOVE.  Damn this 14 year old boy sense of humor.  xo

TWEET BBs, #Haven5

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 15 FAVORITE NATHAN/AUDREY OJECT/PLACE pancakes!

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 14 MOMENT THAT MADE YOU SHIP THEM shame about the car

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 13 WORST INTERRUPTION SCENE Vince, damn you & such CRUSH

Anonymous whispered,
"Not that I think Nathan would EVER kiss Mara, but are we sure those pictures from ep 3 are Nathan and Audrey? I'm dying ;alskdjf"

Why wouldn’t Nathan kiss Mara?  He kissed Sarah.  It’s hard to say no to DAT FACE.  I feel like the pictures where they look like a romance novel are a flashback to a scene we never saw.  I think them on the floor is Mara with Audrey bubbling up to the surface. 


ARE THEY SERIOUS WITH THIS SHIT? #haven5 5x03 promo pics