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30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 14 MOMENT THAT MADE YOU SHIP THEM shame about the car

30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 13 WORST INTERRUPTION SCENE Vince, damn you & such CRUSH

Anonymous whispered,
"Not that I think Nathan would EVER kiss Mara, but are we sure those pictures from ep 3 are Nathan and Audrey? I'm dying ;alskdjf"

Why wouldn’t Nathan kiss Mara?  He kissed Sarah.  It’s hard to say no to DAT FACE.  I feel like the pictures where they look like a romance novel are a flashback to a scene we never saw.  I think them on the floor is Mara with Audrey bubbling up to the surface. 


ARE THEY SERIOUS WITH THIS SHIT? #haven5 5x03 promo pics

OMG #haven5 5x03 promo pics

#Haven5 has begun. Let us Pray. Spoilers for 5x01 See No Evil reaction post, 


Spoilers..whining…crying..weird stuff in here *spoiler warning 5x01”

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#Haven5 starts in less than a half hour, my anxiety is causing some angina 

Cause I’m so crazy about this show.  Thank you #HavenPTB.  You really ruined my life in the best way. Live tweet at 8pm est.  @thatissohaven <—i can’t be held responsible for anything I tweet tonight.  I’ve seen the magic in real life and am SO psyched to be tortured as pure hell by this show.  TY Adrienne for bringing this show into my life, I know you will watch with me. xo

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