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Laura went a little crey 

So I was following 2k plus blogs.  I was like, no..so I started with unfollowing people/blogs that don’t follow me..that got out of hand because a LOT of the people I am close with weren’t following me, and was like—hmm..well if they want i can follow them back (maybe tumblr F—-ed up and they are following me?).  Then i unfollowed blogs that haven’t updated in months.  Then I unfollowed names I didn’t recognize.  Anyways, dropped 1500 blogs.  If you wish to be added back like this post or message me.  Much love, L

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  1. fidesangelus said: Also, I follow 97 blogs and still am super lazy about catching up. How did you ever FIND anything? That’s like following tumblr as a whole. No filters. We should applaud you for still being sane. lol
  2. cptnsrogers said: omg like back a year ago i discovered one of my really close internet friends wasn’t following me and it was like the worst day of my tumblr life
  3. killmotion said: christ. you know how many i follow? 133. and i think that’s a lot! sometimes i don’t even catch up or bother to after being gone more than a few hours
  4. pilbobaggins said: TWO THOUSAND?! Omfg I panicked about hitting two hundred…
  5. lovelysmoak said: Holy crap, Laura. What on earth did your dash look like? I’m already going insane when I’m catching up and I’m only following like 160 people on here, lol. You are crazy. Nothing new here though <3
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    Hope you are not unfollowing your #havenfamily. LOL!
  7. lizzymaxia said: hopefully you didn’t unfollow me? you know the punishment for that
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