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"Sorry to bug, but is your laptop back to normal? If yes, I thought I'd remind about those Lexie/Audrey icons. ;D <3"

sorry no laptop yet. I’m in debt to the Jewish mother Mafia right now cause of my car is slowly imploding in on itself. I miss Photoshop so much I’m legit using 20 phone filters to post cat pictures on my Facebook….it’s sad. Add to that my kindle fire is so old I can’t even see tumblr on the browser. By haven season 5 I will have a working laptop…how hard can robbing a bank be?

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Want Haven at SDCC and/or NYCC? - Revisiting Haven 


An online petition to get Haven to Comic Con in some way, shape, or form. Please share and pass along.  If nothing else, let’s show Syfy and Entertainment One we would have loved to have Haven at the Con.

Direct Petition Link:  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-haven-to-san-diego-new-york-comic-cons

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did he just… 



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audrey & nathan | just a little bit 

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Anonymous whispered,
"Would you consider making some Audrey Parker and some Lexie Dewitt icons? I absolutely love your editing, the tints and the brightness/warmth. I would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you! :) <3"

My laptop won’t turn on at the moment and I don’t have the money to fix it..I just hope I get it working by the fall..when you see me posting edits again send me another request.

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his jaw + scruff+blood+leather jacket combination killer though (part 1)

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This town is only gonna eat you [x]


Is that Nathan’s house? 
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Is that Nathan’s house? 

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